What are the sizes of the cords?

We produce the laces manually and, therefore, the measurements may change slightly from one to another. In length, they measure approximately 81-84cm and in width between 3.5 and 4.5mm.

Being a handmade product, we can adapt them to any size. In general, they are long and when you hang them on your glasses they are at chest height or even below. So, if you want a longer or shorter one, just ask us.

Do the knots come undone?

Usually not. Knots can last a lifetime. But if the knot is intentionally pushed to the limit without a glasses pin in the loop, yes, it can be undone. But, as we said, it has to be done completely voluntarily.

We use knots because from our own experience, traditional plastic hitches break and deteriorate easily and quickly. Knots are a respectful (plastic-free) method that also adapts to each temple.

In the unlikely event that your knot comes undone, please let us know and we will find the best solution.

Can colors vary?

We try to describe the colors of our eyewear cords as accurately as possible, both with text and photo. However, depending on the device from which you are viewing the website there may be slight variations in shades. If you have any doubts, we recommend that you view the same model from another mobile device or computer. And that you visit our social networks.

For any questions or suggestions write us at: info@nusbrand.com or on social networks. We will be happy to help you.


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